Pencil on paper  





A Place for Dreaming
Salvaged wood, found fiber-glass truck sleeper shell, photovoltaic panel, car battery, light, latex paint, metal, foam, acrylic, books
96" x 72" x 48"

A Place for Dreaming is a prototype for a public shelter and mini-library. The structure can easily be disassembled and reassembled. Constructed almost entirely from salvaged and donated materials, the shelter promotes resourceful and sustainable living with a stress on reuse and making-do tactics. The project addresses issues of the marginalized, the abandoned, and the discarded in our urban sectors as they apply to spaces, communities, persons, and objects.

Confronting political and economic strategies to surveil, privatize, and commodify public space, A Place for Dreaming presents the possibility for an alternative approach to the problem of the diminishing public by introducing a public “private” space. It is a free space that offers temporary privacy and tranquility from our increasingly hostile and restricted cities.