We Call This Place Home
Done in collaboration with Sam Holleran
MDO, plywood, steel posts, sand bags, latex paint
Each platform measures 78” X 48” X 96”. There are eleven platforms total.
New York, NY

Commissioned by the NYC Department of Transportation in partnership with Hester Street Collaborative, We Call This Place Home celebrates the existing Two Bridges neighborhood in New York's Lower East Side. Each one of the colorful shapes was created by someone who lives or works in the area. By representing individual community members, these shapes affirm the building blocks of a strong community. We worked with Hester Street Collaborative, the NYC Department of Transportation and with support from State Senator Daniel Squadron, in collaboration with local residents of all ages to realize this project.

In 2018, after deinstalling the project, we reinstalled it on a fence surrounding a nearby basketball court and playground.

Justin Den Herder, PE

Community Liaisons:
Trever Holland, Anchael Chow, Grace Mak, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council (Francine Gorres), Amy Freeman, Henry Street Settlement (Rosalie Roman, Stephanie Liu), Chinatown YMCA (Chi Yung, Karla Osorio, Kingsley Boafo)

With help from:
Chan Tzu Chiang, Leah Feder, Pamela Giaroli, Max Holleran, Jamie Jensen, Dylan Moore