On a Fence
Done in collaboration with Yeju Choi
Lumber, reclaimed scaffolding planks, exterior latex paint, sand, steel
150’ x 10’ x 9’

On a Fence was done as part of Paths to Pier 42, a pop-up park on the Lower East Side waterfront. The project transforms the fence surrounding the park into an interactive structure that incorporates color and signage on the outside, and seating and play areas on the inside. The project inverts the function and meaning of the fence from a physical barrier to a place of inclusion. Through workshops, meetings, and volunteer opportunities, we engaged with a number of local residents to design and build the work.

Chat Travieso, Eduardo M. Llinás-Meseguer (2013), Tyrene Calvesbert (2014), Yeju Choi, and volunteers

Volunteers and Special Thanks:
2013: Jerome Begin, Esmé Boyce, Cody Boyce, Giulia Carotenuto, Charlene Chai, Christine Chang, Isaac Esterman, Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES), GOLES Healthy Aging Program (GHAP), Grand St. Settlement, Ryan Hartley, Jenny Hong, Heechan Kim, Raj Kottamasu, Colette Krogol, Julian Morales, Ken Murphy, Neta Nakash, Pietro Pagliaro, Carmen Pedroza, Teresa Pedroza, Matt Reeves, Damaris Reyes, Carlina Rivera, Leah Solk, Jeanette “Jet” Toomer, Kristen Wilke, Christine Yao

2014: Ariel, Asher, Mike Beene, Carlos Bolanos, Esmé Boyce, Cody Boyce, Dexter Ciprian, Tyler Dehaarte, Gaudhi De Sedas, Emre Edev, Maria Emilia Escudero, Winston Ford, Pamela Giaroli, Lamar Dean Gillespie, Luther Gillespie, Jerome Haferd, Brian Hibbert, Trevor Holland, Jenny Hsiao, Danielle Kachler, Sean Kelly, Heechan Kim, Kee Kim, Stephen Klimek, Dahvid Mercado-Hastings, Julian Morales, Brian Odowd, Lily Padro, Max Prophile, Eli Rose, Joe Sakashita, Ryan Hartley Smith, Yara Travieso, Didier William, Jason Williams, Eric Wong, Maeve Woollen

On a Fence is co-commissioned and presented as part of Paths to Pier 42, a project of Good Old Lower East Side, Hester Street Collaborative, Lower East Side Ecology Center, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and Two Bridges Neighborhood Council, in close partnership with the Lower East Side Waterfront Alliance, NY State Senator Daniel Squadron, and the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

LMCC's Arts East River Waterfront initiative, including the partnership on Pier 42, provides an opportunity for residents and local artists and community organizations to connect and imagine potential future uses of public space along the waterfront.