2015 Times Square Valentine Heart Proposal | Finalist

Lovepost is a participatory design installation that connects people from disparate backgrounds around the globe. Love can mean many different things, but on Valentine’s Day we primarily celebrate romantic love and our relationship with those closest to us. Lovepost looks at love from a wider and more radical lens. Inspired by tourist information booths, newsstands, and souvenir shops, the piece consists of a heart-shaped kiosk with an attendant in it who hands out postcards to visitors. These visitors would be instructed to write a message about love on that postcard to a non-specific stranger and mail it out. At the end of the installation everyone who participated would receive a postcard in the mail written by another visitor, thus creating a continuous thread of love messages among all the Lovepost contributors.

The task of writing a message to a stranger encourages us to think about love as a generous, empathic, and selfless act. The fact that there is no immediate physical take away, that one has to wait weeks to receive a postcard, challenges a culture of instant gratification and promotes the idea of love as a process, rather than a thing. No one else besides the person who wrote the postcard, and the person who receives the postcard would read the message, so the project is both very expansive (potentially spanning the whole globe) while at the same time extremely intimate.

Organized by Time Square Arts in partnership with the Architectural League of New York