salvaged utility trailer, lumber, plywood, latex paint, wood stain, metal, nylon rope
8’ x 17’ 8” x 3’ 6”
Greensboro, NC

Commissioned by the Elsewhere Museum as part of South Elm Projects, the Kit-O-Cart transforms a used utility trailer into a mobile, transformable seating and stage performance platform. A series of benches housed in the trailer can be adjusted to create various configurations. The Kit-O-Cart reimagines how parking spaces can become sites of public interaction and engagement in the city, while still allowing for the flexibility to move and change the installation for different settings over time.

For the public opening of the Kit-O-Cart, Elsewhere invited Kids Poetry Basketball (a local literacy organization), local musicians, and artists affiliated with the Community Theater of Greensboro to perform an open mic night.

Chat Travieso, Zion Starnes, Yvette Kiboho, Fidel Kiboho, Olivier Kwibe, David Amissi, Jeanne Mwatatu, Ibrahim Ibrahim

Special thanks:
Esme Boyce, Jennie Carlisle, Patrick McDonnell, Fhalyshia Orians, Iman Person, Abena A. Poku, Cyrus Smith, Mitchell Oliver, Sophie Trauberman, Diego Vergara, Eleanor Coleman, Church World Service, Kids Poetry Basketball, Community Theater of Greensboro