The Boogie Down Booth (Melrose)
MDO plywood, latex paint, wood, directional speakers, LED lights, photovoltaic panels
10’ 6” x 8’ x 8’

This version of the Boogie Down Booth expands on the two previous versions (Boogie Down Booth (Freeman St.) and Boogie Down Booth (174th St.)). Boogie Down Booth (Melrose) adapts the design to be a freestanding unit. In addition to providing seating, lighting, and music that originated in the Bronx, like the previous iterations, this version of the Booth also includes a picnic table for people to enjoy while having lunch or working. It also incorporate other interactive elements like a community bulletin board, and a mural painted on the base by passersby.

Commissioned by WHEDco

Partners and collaborators:
NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, the Bronx Music Heritage Center, Boricua College, Pyramid Residential Center

Chat Travieso

Zach Gebel

Solar Engineer:
T4D Lab, R. David Gibbs

Original concept by Chat Travieso and Neil Donnelly for the Design Trust for Public Space