Set/installation design for the multimedia opera installation Kwaidan
Vinyl, metal, rope, projections

Presented by The Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NYC
Kwaidan, a Multimedia-Dance-Cine-Horror-Opera-Installation, is a journey into the void: lost, neon-lit and with a fully realized psychological-horror-thriller aesthetic. The libretto derives from ancient Japanese horror stories collected and translated by Lafcadio Hearn and composed by Jerome Begin. Housed in a 360˚ installation where audience and performers coexist on stage–the theater is turned inside out and transformed into a place for highly personal encounters with the singers, dancers and the expansive, surrounding cinematic video projections. The opera exists in a beautiful and delirious dimension, offering the lightning bolt of terror expected from cinema. Together, audiences and artists free-fall into our shared experience of uncertainty, fear, and pleasure of the unknown.

Director, Choreographer, Video Artist: Yara Travieso
Composer: Jerome Begin,
Installation Artist: Chat Travieso
Mezzo-Soprano: Lisa Komara
Baritone: David Giuliano,
Dancers: Carlye Eckert, Carl Henry Belizaire “Element”

Special thanks to:
Nicholas Lazarro, Pamela Giaroli, Sam Crawford

Video by Yara Travieso